Diane Kaiser Wig Products

Diane Kaiser has worked in the hair fashion industry since early 2000’s. After touring much of the world’s hair product industry such as Morroco, Brazil, Japan, and most of Europe, Diane has cultivated her abilities to produce a high quality hair product that is specifically designed for wigs.

Diane Kaiser ´s
Moisturizing Shampoo

This one-and-only shampoo has the unique power to work with any style, texture, or hair length. Medium in strength, awesome in beauty.

Ingredients include Sunflower Seed Extract that gives your wig the shine and protection that you need and deserve. The Coconut Milk Protein gives a silky, smooth, and strong presence to your gorgeous hair. Finally, Rhodochrosite is a mineral that seals color and balances moisture levels which are perfect for keeping your wig color constant and have that perfect look.

Diane Kaiser ' s Moisturizing

This treatment-rich formula drenches your tresses in moisture, leaving your hairpiece radiant and ready for anything. Powerful anti-aging and collagen-building properties act as a barrier to seal the hair cuticle. That means less color fade and damage from everyday life.

Diane Kaiser specifically choose a formula that would benefit a wig user. Whilst, the average person has “living” hair, the fact of the matter is a Wig is not. Therefore, it is not receiving the oils and nutrition that living hair does. Knowing this, Diane perfected a conditioner that is made for women everywhere who want to look sexy in their wig.

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