Diane Kaiser Wig Products

At Today’s Tresses we provide quality 100% Human European Hair Wigs in mulitple color variations from the Follea Luxury Collection, Lifestyle Collection, and Aero Collection. Please contact us for any questions you may have about the wig you want!

European Hair

The amazing lightness and natural coloring of European hair are exceptional qualities in added hair. Given such lightness, hair movement looks more natural. Availability of lighter colors shortens coloring or processing time and results in healthier added hair, and more convincing and invisible hair additions.

With such a precious resource, it befits us to treat our hair with reverence, and we do—Follea rejects mass manufacturing. The entire process of creating your added hair pieces, wigs, and hair extensions is done with careful handling of the single cut ponytails from their arrival at our hair center until they are ventilated on your hair addition.

Lifestyle Wigs

Lifestyle wigs bring uncanny realism—from the “French Part” skin part to Follea’s Premium European hair—and are best suited to women wearing added hair for work or fashion, or as a beautfiful remedy for androgenic thinning, diffuse hair loss, thin or thinning hair.

Best suited to sleek, flatter styles and should be integrated into your own hairline. Offers a choice of attachment by tape, clips or combs, but unsuitable for bonding application.

We want to hear from you!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your first wig purchase, please feel free to contact. We work with every client to ensure top quality customer service in order to make your experience perfect.

We understand that you may be going through a lot; especially if this is the first wig purchase or have just recently experienced a traumatic event.

At Today’s Tresses every staff member is trained diligently to respect and understand the customers choices, lifestyle, and overall attitude, because we do know and we do understand!

Call to Schedule an Appointment

At Today’s Tresses we work exclusively with each customer to help them find the right wig for them. Therefore, we ask that you call ahead of time to schedule an appointment in order to receive the special care you deserve.

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