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Style & Quality

Today’s Tresses Human Hair Wig Boutique and Salon offers the Best, the Most Natural and  the Highest Quality Human Hair Creations the Market has to offer. We specialize exclusively in 100% Human Hair Wigs, Hair Pieces, Extensions, and Halos. We also provide custom Ponytails, Falls, Alopecia Wigs, wigs for cancer patients and everything you need to make your investment  easy to maintain.

We have many different styles , textures and colors available for you to choose from, and when we don't we have a full service wig salon for all your wig and hairpiece needs. . Ladies you’re not alone there are a lot of women that are dealing with thinning hair, call today, make and appointment and get back the hair you use to enjoy so much.

Prices start at $400 and go all the way up $10,000. Beautiful hair is no longer just for the rich and famous!  

100% Human Hair Wigs

Today's Tresses Wig Boutique is a reputable Southern California human hair wig boutique that offers a large selection of feminine wigs, hairpieces and extensions. We are the ONLY boutique in the Valley offering Follea brand human hair wigs and hairpieces, and specialize exclusively in human hair systems. 

We offer a welcoming and fun atmosphere for those considering hair alternatives for fashion and beauty, as well as those living with alopecia and chemotherapy. No matter the reason for choosing a wig, we are here to make sure you feel beautiful in the hair you wear.

Diane Kaiser's Wig Product Line

Wearing a wig herself, Diane has experienced quite a few difficulties with tending to one's own hair piece. She understood enough was enough. If no one was going to create something, than she would do it herself. With years of travel and education to come, Diane set off on her adventure. 12 years later a product was made.

Diane Kaiser's Wig Product Line is something that was cultivated for a wig user. It was made with the understanding of how a wig feels, how it wears, and most importantly how it survives in weather. With the scorching heat in Palm Desert, California or the bitter cold in her hometown Philadelphia, Diane made her product accommodating. Every woman, man, or child with a hair piece, wig or extension or toupee can now rinse and wash with the right product for them.


The amazing lightness and natural coloring of European hair are exceptional qualities in added hair. Given such lightness, hair movement looks more natural. Availability of lighter colors shortens coloring or processing time and results in healthier added hair, and more convincing and invisible hair additions. With such a precious resource, it befits us to treat our hair with reverence, and we do—Follea rejects mass manufacturing. The entire process of creating your added hair pieces, wigs, and hair extensions is done with careful handling of the single cut ponytails from their arrival at our hair center until they are ventilated on your hair addition.

Call to Schedule an Appointment


At Today's Tresses we work exclusively with each customer to help them find the right wig for them. Therefore, we ask that you call ahead of time to schedule an appointment in order to receive the special care you deserve.



Today’s Tresses is a beautiful wig salon. But the most wonderful part of it is the owner Diane Kasier. She is creative, compassionate, and relentless in making sure her clients are happy. Coachella Valley is lucky to have Today’s Tresses and Diane Kaiser.
— Karen Kott
I love my new hair. I thought I would wear it only on special occasions and I have worn it almost everyday. Diane was so knowledgeable about the Follea wigs, which are made from real hair that I bought a full wig instead of a hair piece. It makes me look 10 years younger and I feel great. All my friends and family can not believe how natural it looks. It makes my life easy when traveling and I feel great and more confident about my style. Every time I return to the salon, their service is friendly, caring and always make me feel welcome. I hope to buy another one soon.
— -Connie Williams